June 9, 2022
6 mins

Tips for business growth through design

Business growth through design

For our 17th Innovation talk with Claudia Mayer and special guest Redona Dida, we discussed countless insights and experiences on how designers can help their clients' businesses grow. Check out the roundtale chat below!

A few key tips:

1. Talk business

Understand the business goals and design needs in order to prioritize. No client needs a website; rather they need the website to reach certain goals (ie. increase brand awareness or close sales). Ask questionss about their business instead of talking about just aesthetics.Help them save money.

2. Show numbers

People understand numbers. Define KPIs (key perfomrance indicators) with your clients. Based on hypothesis, test how users behave (ie.how they interact on a website) to define which type of content is best for them. Validation is crucial for success. Explain your design decisions with tangible facts.

3. Keep it simple

Convey one simple message at a time adn tell compelling, short stories. Focus enablesus to simplify messaging. People get confused with multiple messages or jargon. For instance, present your case studies with key facts about goal and achieved impact of your approach and deliverables.

4. Get familiar with sales

Understanding sales is good for freelance designers to grow their business, but also important to understand to help customers grow theirs. how can we help them create compelling sales artifacts and a web design that converts if we don't ourselves understand how and what works.

Thank you for reading!

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