November 14, 2022
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Have designers not convinced the world of our work’s strategic value?

Have designers not sufficiently convinced the world of o work’s strategic value?

”Today design is widely acknowledged as a C-suite concern and a key element of corporate strategy.” – Clay Chandler from TIME

Many top organizations like Apple, McKinsey & Company, PepsiCo, and Johnson & Johnson have design officers in key leadership positions; and 50% of companies surveyed by Adobe state that "design plays a huge role in how they achieve success"

Add to this, the numerous papers and studies clearly stating the value of design for business written by companies like McKinsey, Forrester and Frog:

"The value of design" – Design Management Institute

"The business value of design" - McKinsey & Company

"Design thinking can deliver an ROI of 85% or greater" - Forrester

"Beyond design thinking" - Deloitte

"The business value of design" - Frog

"The business value of design /for small businesses & startups" - Cultmethod

"The value of design factfinder report" - Design Council

....and the list goes on.

Then why does design still have to constantly be justified as more than just aesthetics?

It seems many organizations agree with the idea that design is important, but they don't quite understand why.

As design leaders , I believe we have the responsibility to generate deep thinking and conversations around the value of our work and elevate our practice by also influencing younger designers through mentor communities like ADPlist .

What are your thoughts on this?


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