Brand Strategy

An organic concept for healthy living

My Role
Design Direction

An organic concept for healthy living

Client: Good & Green
Agency: Miro Innovation

We developed a new brand identity from the ground up for a healthy food franchise in Argentina. All the way up from imagining the initial vision to developing the website and social media content, we worked with the owners to ensure their concept was beautifully portrayed in every aspect of the business.

What we did
  • In-depth brand strategy
  • Visual identity design
  • Website development
  • Product photography
  • Content development


Brand Strategy

The owners approached us with their idea to build and launch a healthy deli in Argentina. They had dozens of great ideas and a few visual references, but the general concept was still very fuzzy.

We worked with the founding team to structure a clear and compelling brand concept and strategy that would accurately portray their values and vision for the new brand. Digging deep into trends and industry research we explored multiple visual styles and naming alternatives before arriving at the selected mix.

We developed a cohesive brand strategy and go-to-market roadmap, including key brand messaging and and a selection of must-have brand applications for their launch. We  worked with their architecture team to ensure the restaurant style was aligned and on brand.

Brand Identity

In brand designs for this industry, we need to consider both physical and digital applications as well as the end-to-end brand experience, and so we worked to ensure the brand design would look good on packaging and physical signage as well as on print and digital media.

Brand Identity Design
Product Photography

As part of our launch roadmap and once the first store was open, we brought infood stylists, actors and a production crew to take pictures of all their dishes, the store and some carefully set up scenes we would use across social media and on the full website.

Product photography
Website Development

As weeks went by and business started to pick up, we evolved the initial landing page into a fully responsive website with beautiful imagery, illustrations and thoughtful copy that would help get the target audience in the door.

Website Development
Website Development


Years after this engagement, we are still the founding team's trusted advisors for design and communications. In 2021, with multiple store locations, the company was sold and became a franchise which continues to grow and is still using designs and assets we developed years back.